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Private Thomas O’connor



Date of birth: 1891-10-31
Place of birth: Godmanchester, Quebec
Next of kin: Helen O’Connor, mother, R.R. No 3, Huntingdon, Quebec
Marital status: single
Language: English
Occupation (attested): Farmer
Height: 66 inches
Religion: Roman Catholic


Regimental number: 3205073
Final Rank: Private (31st Battalion)
Rank detail
  1. Not Specified, Army, Canadian Infantry (1st Depot Battalion, Alberta Regiment). 1918-01-02 ?
  2. Private, Army, Canadian Infantry (31st Battalion).
Enlistment method: conscripted
Date enlisted: 1918-01-02
Location enlisted: Calgary, Alberta
Degree of service: Europe
Survived war: yes
Battle wounded/killed: Gassed at Arras, Sept. 1918


Thomas O’Connor circa 1921
Thomas O’Connor circa 1921


LAC ID: 553753
Attestation record(s): image 1
Service file: B7417-S030
Uploader's Notes: Thomas O’Connor was born in Godmanchester in 1890 or 1891. In late 1917 he was working as a farmer in Cabri Saskatchawan when he recieved his conscription notification. He was inducted into the First Depot Battalion, Alberta Regiment of the Canadian Expeditionary Force (C.E.F.) as a Private on January 2, 1918, went to England in March 1918 for advanced training, and was in France in late August 1918. He was wounded by a gas attack in the 2nd Battle of the Scarpe (Arras) on September 8th, 1918. He recovered and participated in the march across Belgium to participate in the occupation of Germany following the Armistice on 11 November, 1918. He was part of the first group of Canadians to march into Germany in late 1918. Thomas O’Connor survived the war and returned to Canada in April 1919. The story of his time during World War 1 can be found here.
Uploader's Research notes: Family history shows year of birth as 1890


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